Amanda Fama is a singer/ songwriter that excels in the acoustic-pop/ folk genre. With meaningful lyrics, she provides the listener with a storytelling experience that is enhanced by unforgettable melodies and catchy instrumentation. In 2013, she released her first full-length album called Here to Stay. The album included both acoustic and fully-produced pop songs inspired by love, lust, and heartbreak.
Shortly after, she began exploring a more raw, acoustic, pop-folk sound, which is expressed in her new fully original EP I'm the Addict. This EP dives deeper into the feelings of love that you possess when you aren't in love. It touches upon the emotions that overwhelm you when you find out that you aren't the only one, and the feelings you have when you realize someone you loved wasn't here to stay. I'm the Addict takes a look into Amanda's deeper, darker thoughts about romance, and reveals the struggle that many people go through while trying to find "the one".
Love is addicting, and we all fall victim to it's thrill. This EP will take you on a journey through infatuation, loss, coming to terms with reality, and moving on.